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At Tires On The Go, we want to make sure that your commercial vehicles and fleet are always on the road, maintained, and where they need to be. It is important to us that your cars, trucks, semi-trucks, trailers, etc. are working smoothly and are up to date with routine maintenance. We know downtime costs a company money and inhibits a business to service customers. With that being said, at Tires On The Go, we make sure to make it as convenient as possible for your business as much as we can! So whether you need an oil change, tire rotation, brake pads, or tire repair, let us do the work during business hours, after hours or on the weekends. 



At Tires On The Go, we understand that time is money, that's why we are dedicated to provide you with the best service always. 

Our fleet checks are performed at your location and include:

- Vehicle Inspection

- Tire Inspection

- Maintenance Checks 

Contact us today to set up a specific   maintenance schedule for your company! 


Tires are important for your everyday use to safely get to and from your jobs, so let us do our job in making sure your vehicle's tires are always properly maintained. 

Here is how we can help: 

- Scheduled yard checks

- Replace any bald tires 

- Flat tire repairs on site 

- Hold stock in your tires for anytime you need 

With over 15+ Years experience in the Industry we know every company has different needs. We together can keep your down time to a bare minimum!


Oil change and and filter replacement are one of many preventative maintenance services to help keep your vehicle performing its best. We understand that having your vehicle and employee down for hours just waiting for a simple service can be very costly to a company. We schedule on site service during your off hours, or during the time that you prefer. 



Contact us for pricing!

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